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Arts and Crafts

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mosaic Art

I think we are all familiar with mosaics and have seen them before. This art has been around for ages and the Greeks used it in many of their temples, villas and other main and/or important buildings.

These mosaics mainly consist of small squares in different colors and arranges in such a way that it portraits either figures, animals or symbols. Sometimes they tell an entire story.

This art is never boring and easily to incorporate any home decor and style. Maybe that is why it is survived throughout time and is still around. It probably can be found in many homes; maybe as wall art, maybe used as an inlay for a table or plant stand.

I can see how this art/craft appeals to so many people: it is like solving a puzzle and presents a challenge to piece it together. I don't know why that did not dawn on me before.

I guess I just found the missing piece, huh?! :-)

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