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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cutting Edge Art

A while back I informed you about all the arts and crafts you could fabricate with spoons and forks. I had not forgotten about the knives; I just hadn't gotten around to it until now.

Most of the art and crafts where knives are concerned are focused on embellishing the blades and the handles. There are very few craft projects around where knives are actually used to create a work of art, unless it is for applying paint onto the canvas.

The lack of projects is quite understandable since not everyone feels so inclined to work with these sharp objects. Yes, better safe than sorry. I did eventually find some cute and safe ideas made from plastic knives.

I particularly loved this lamp. The clear, plastic knives are perfect for this project.

Not only do they allow for plenty of light to shine through, but they also give an interesting sparkle to it and create a wonderful ambiance.

The trick to attaching the knives lies in using strong glue which can stand the heat.

It would also be wise to keep the plastic at a safe distance from the light bulb.

I would recommend against using a hot glue gun; the glue is likely to melt and ruin your carpet.

Another project I came across was this colorful wall art.

You can use spray paint which is specifically designed for plastic and let your imagination run wild.

Give it a try; you may come up with some cutting edge work of art!

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