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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Shell Art

I love talking a walk on the beach. It is not so much for the calming and soothing effect the wind, water and all the sounds have on me, but mainly for all the little treasures laying around and buried in the sand.

It is the beach combing which appeals to me. I gather up shells, small pieces of drift wood and anything else that might come in handy and use them to create something with, like this little shell bird.

I figured that I would not be the only one who is doing this and I was right. Some people have turned this hobby in to a divined form of art.

Since seashells come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, forms and colors, they lend themselves for many applications and the diversity of art is great.

Besides figurines, shells can be used to decorate and object with. This gorgeous little box is a wonderful example of decorating with shells.

To compliment a bathroom or bring a little beach life in to the living room, simply take a glass vase, fill it with sand to the level you like and put some shells, starfish and/or other beach finds on top of it. This is a simple, easy and cheap way to spruce up a room. Even though it seems a minor thing, it has a great impact on the room's atmosphere.

I suggest you try this wonderful art. You may find that it brings the artist in you out of his shell. :-)

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