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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-Shirt Art

I honestly expected to find all kinds of different methods, logos, and examples for printing, painting, and applying other craft items for embellishing and adorning T-shirts. Yes, I did, but I was stunned by all the other crafts and hobbies for which old and/or unused Tees are being used.

It would never have occurred to me cutting out squares with the designs and prints on it and turning them into a one of a kind quilt. I definitely would not look at a T-shirt and see a potential handbag or rug in it. Some people do and they make the most astonishing creations out of this apparel.

The fabric of the entire shirt can and is used for projects like headbands, placemats, pillow cases, jewelry, other decorations such as flowers, and much, much more. When cut up in strips, it is also used for yarn for knitting and I even came across a basket which was completely made out of recycled, crocheted T-shirts.

The next time you are cleaning out your drawers and your closets, don't throw away those shirts anymore. They are always good for rags, but they are even better for reusing them and creating art. You may turn out to be real good at it and with some imagination and an old T-shirt you could go from rags to riches!

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