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Arts and Crafts

Monday, August 03, 2009

Tin Can Art

I already knew this hobby existed and had seen some of these gorgeous creations a long time ago. I came across a picture of a small car in a magazine. The vehicle was entirely created out of soda cans and I recall thinking: 'Wow, how beautiful!"

There were several more pictures of other creations made by people living in third world countries. The projects they created from empty soda cans were sold to tourists; that gave the artists at least a little bit of income to live off.

It is definitely a very cheap way to create art; soda cans can be found everywhere, even by the way side. That reinforces the statement that 'some one's trash is someone else's treasure'.

Maybe the next time you are about to throw away a can, you may want to consider how you could turn this from trash to treasure yourself. :-)

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