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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pancake Art

I think we all agree that it is a treat for both young and old to have pancakes for a meal. It gets even more exciting when those simple pancakes are turned in to mouth watering works of art.

Here are some tasty and amazing forms of art: unique projects made from pancake batter, simply called pancake art. It is almost a shame to eat them.

I suspect you will have to do a lot of practising in order to be able to create these pancake figurines, but for those of you who are willing to take the common pancake to an entirely new level, here are some ideas to start out with:

You can make a teddy bear by first pouring a round spot for a nose, then two spots to make the eyes and a line for a smiling mouth. Bake this for a few moments and then cover it entirely in batter to create a face. Add two dots on top to function as ears and you are done.

If you go about it as above, but add whiskers to the nose, you can create a mouse as well.

Making a flower is rather easy: make a dot in the middle and let that bake for a few. Then pour petals all around it and add a line for a stem. Feel free to pour leaves as well.

After having seen this art, I suppose we may have to revise the expression: 'as flat as a pancake'! :-)

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