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Monday, October 04, 2010

Quilling Art

While scour through the toy section of the store the other day, I noticed they sold kits with rolled pieces of paper for making craft projects. That tweaked my interest and upon a search I found out that this hobby is called quilling, or paper filigree.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all the gorgeous projects which were and can be created with just small strings of colored paper. The possibilities are endless and you don't need much for a project either. That is great; the cheaper a hobby or craft, the better.

At first glance you would suspect this would be a project for just wall art, but nothing is less true: you can create complicated and intricate sculptures which are very sturdy and can last for a long, long time.

I suppose if you spray them with Polyurethane you can make them last forever and probably preserve the colors as well. The latter may eventually fade when exposed to sunlight, which would take away from the original artwork.

My suspicion however is, that you will not be able to do this hobby without being found quickly: you will leave a paper trail! :-)

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