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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bobbin Art

I don't know if you have ever watched bobbin art; it is a tradition in many countries and the most beautiful lace is made by this hobby. It looks extremely complicated, but once you understand how it works, you will master it in no time.

I have seen this done in The Netherlands, where it also is part of the old folklore tradition. The elderly lady's hands moved so quickly though, that it was hard to follow what she was doing and how she did it.

It all seemed like one tangled mess to me, but she ended up with gorgeous, delicate doilies. Lace and doilies are the most common items made from bobbin, but I have also seen entire table clothes and wall art.

Wall art is rather simple to make and makes for a very nice conversation piece; just frame a few small doilies and mount them on the wall.

I would like to try this sometime, but I anticpate ending up with one entangled mess. I think it would be best if I left this art up to the pros! :-)

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