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Arts and Crafts

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shoe Lace Art

Has it ever occurred to you how much more you can do with a simple shoelace besides tying your shoes? Well, here are some great examples of art made from these simple, colorful strings.

This entire painting is made solely by using shoestrings. You can see it by taking a closer look. It doesn't take much creativity to craft some wall art and it certainly doesn't have to be as large and as elaborate at this. Just a simple image will already work miracles for your interior.

You don't really need many shoelaces either for a project; a pair of shoestrings glued on a simple clip is more then enough to make a cute hair-decoration for your little one. How about braiding three strings into a bracelet or necklace?

Here is another great option; knitting or crocheting the shoelaces into a scarf or a hat and an ordinary purse can turn into something beautiful by lacing and tying a shoestring on the front.

This is an excellent hobby which doesn't require much, is easily done and the projects are created on a shoestring!

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