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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paracord Art

While looking for those rescue bracelets made with paracord, I stumbled upon many more creative projects for which this material can be used.

Besides the already mentioned bracelets, belts and key chains, I found canteen and bottle holders, watchbands, suspenders, pocket knife bands, and even flip flops, animals, and other small figurines, all artfully handcrafted with paracord.

In case you like to take off on your own and go hiking, camping, or exploring, these attributes could turn out to be extremely handy. They are very functional in every way and at every time; either as the item they were made into, as well as the cord they are made out of.

You don't have to be the outdoor type to practice this hobby, it is fun to do and doesn't require much as far as materials and equipment goes.

I sincerely doubt you will be stuck with a closet full of your artwork either. On the contrary; there will be takers galore and you may have a hard time keeping up with all the requests.

That's okay. Once you have chosen which knot you like to use and get the hang of it, you will finish your project at a rate of knots. It may take a little practice, but keep at it and give it a little time.

There is no need to get yourself all tied up in knots over it!

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