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Monday, August 23, 2010

Golf Tee Art

A golf tee is much more then just a tool to place the ball on; it is another item which lends itself for all kinds of art, crafts and hobbies. You may not have considered it, but peg board can function as a canvas.

Tees come in all kinds of colors and by sticking them in the peg board, you can arrange them just the way you like and make some magnificent and unique wall art. When it gets old and you are tired of looking at it; simply take out the tees and create something new.

This little project has many applications; it can be displayed as is, or function as a Christmas ornament. For the latter; buy tees in the desired colors or spray paint them gold, red, or green, and attach a string to hang it.

Glue the tees on a white background. Yeah, a golf ball would do just fine, but so will Styrofoam and the shape does not have to be a round either.

I didn't know it, but there is such a diversity in golf tees, that some people have made a hobby out of collecting and displaying tees; when framed, they are gorgeous to look at. Maybe you can tee off your own collection!

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