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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mailbox Art

I found lots and lots of mailbox art. Many of the mailboxes have been altered and transformed in to some very unique pieces. The ones I posted are only a small selection of the creative outbursts which people have on display in front of their homes.

I don't think the mailcarrier can overlook this copy of his/her truck when going on his/her route. I can imagine it puts a smile on their faces when they see it, providing they like their job of course. :-)

I took a good look at it and it turns out the 'car' is built around a regular, common round mailbox, which has been painted white. How clever!

Here are some other examples of creativity; each one is wonderfully designed and in case you are not in for spending much time on your mailbox, but still would like for it to stand out then the a paint job, as shown in the last picture, might be the route to go.

Either way, there are lots of ways to alter your mailbox and give it your own personal style and/or design. It does not even have to be as elaborate as these; a few colorful stickers may already do the trick.

If you have some other ideas which can be used for decorating a mailbox, don't hesistate; mail them in!

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