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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Garbage/Trash Bag Art

You may have used garbage bags for creating Halloween decorations and they surely lend themselves very well for all kinds of these projects.

This spider is a good example of that, but trash bags can also be used for fabricating simple ghosts, costumes, and even creepy curtains for your windows.

There are several more projects made from trash bags and even though you wouldn't have thought so, those include dresses and other garments, wreaths, flowers, and all kinds of animals.

Trash bags are even used in several knitting and crochet ideas and I have seen some artistic purses come from those busy hands, using strips of rolled up garbage bags.

Even famous designers such as Louis Vuitton discovered that trash bags can be used for more then just holding common garbage and being disposed of.

They took 'trash' and transformed it into 'treasure' by designed a gorgeous, fashionable handbag out of it.

These simple, cheap garbage bags have many more applications and it may be a good idea to consider that, the next you take out the trash!

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