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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Push Pin Art

Push pins, tacks, thumb nails, no matter how you want to call them, there is art which can be made with them.

It is rather simple to do and doesn't require a lot of money or skills. You can use Styrofoam shapes as the foundation and, if desired, even cut them in to different forms, before covering them.

Should you not like the color of the Styrofoam base, there is always the option of altering it with paint, fabric, or aluminum foil.

In case you want to make wall art with them, but are without inspiration or unable to come up with a design or subject, consider taking needle point, crochet, or knitting patterns as a guide.

Cork would be an excellent foundation, but plywood or another soft type of wood will do too. It may be a matter of trial and error, finding out which you like to work with.

One thing is for sure; it's all in the thumbs!

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