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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Push Pin Art Example

Every now and then I come across a hobby I have already done some posts on. Previously, it was nail art and a few days ago I came across this video on push pin art and as the title already mentions; it is truly amazing!

Even though the entire process doesn't seem to take very long when watching the video, you may want to think twice before taking on a work like this. It took the artist over a hundred hours and 15,000 push pins to complete this project.

The trick behind an artwork like this is actually quite simple, as I learned. Mr. Brusspup, the creator of this push pin masterpiece, took a picture, broke it down to pixels in Photoshop, brought the colors back to just five and assigned a push pin to each pixel.

That is quick and easy enough and can be done with practically any photo. It kind of reminds me of a cross stitch pattern. I suppose you could use those as a template as well. I wouldn't start out with such a complicated piece though if I were you; I recommend a small, less detailed project to begin with.

Get the hang of it first, and when push comes to shove and you get more accomplished at it, you can always take it a step further with your next piece of art!

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