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Friday, February 17, 2012

Newspaper Art - Materials and Equipment

Extra, extra! Fine art within reach. Read all about it; get your paper today!

Something along those lines would have been shouted at the corners of the streets by the newspaper sellers, a long time ago. Eventually, those icons were replaced by subscriptions, newspaper dispensers, and kiosks.

A stack of newspapers, craft or wall paper glue, and a pair of scissors is already more then enough to make some gorgeous creations and keep you busy for a while.

After you are done and when possible, it may be a good idea to cover your art in Polyurethane which makes it less subject to moisture and gives some strength to it.

I was pleasantly surprised seeing how many instructions, projects and lessons there were online and I even found several craft books with all kinds of ideas and examples.

This hobby is also excellent for including the children and can be turned into fun for the entire family. It kills two birds with one stone: staying updated on what's going on in the world and creating art.

It may be messy at times, depending on the project, but you can always opt for one of the many examples that aren't.

One thing is for sure; the results of your handiwork will be worthy of making the headlines!

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