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Monday, January 02, 2012

Paint Stick Art

Each time I would hold one of those common paint sticks in my hand, ready to stir the paint I wondered what else they could come in handy at. Well, I decided to do a search and found some great hobbies and art project made from and with these simple wooden sticks.

It hadn't occurred to me yet that when painted in a wide array of colors and framed, they could make incredible wall art.

It is easy enough adjusting the colors to complement your interior and in the mean time getting rid of left over paints which are hardly ever use again.

Another great idea I came across was covering the surface of an old and/or beat up table with paint sticks. Glued close together, they can either be stained, or painted in any color or finish; the end result is truly amazing.

A custom-made paint stick lamp shade is quickly made and would draw the entire interior together.

Even though these wooden sticks cost next to nothing, projects like these sure do not come across as being on a 'design on a dime' budget.

It would seem like you had a top of the notch interior designer come in, which you did; you!

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