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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wood Art - Scroll Saw

I love this work of art created with a scroll saw. The detailed cuts are just perfect and the result is a one of a kind, beautiful, and delicate piece of craftsmanship.

It is probably a safe assumption on my part when I say we all have used a jigsaw at one time or another. I know I had to do several projects in college and right of the bat the jigsaw and I were not the best of friends and never will be.

I truly enjoyed working with wood and creating all kinds of projects with and from it, but using the jigsaw was the annoying part; the blades constantly broke and my arm was getting awfully tired after a while.

A scroll saw is a great invention and I suspect I would do better with it then with the hand-powered jigsaw. Since it is electric, it would make curves and turns much easier and leaves both hands free for a more precise and intricate cutting.

Speaking of delicate and intricate: this piece sure didn't allow for any mistakes and I admire the steady hand of the artist. I also enjoy the outer edge of the art. It was quite ingenious cutting it in to the shape of the blade of a circular saw.

There is so much that can be done with wood and having a saw handy would probably be a wise idea, no matter how you slice it!

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