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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Salt And Pepper Shaker Art

I suppose this topic was prompted by the fact that we have several weddings coming up and salt and pepper shakers are usually given by the dozen.

In order to ensure your gift would be the one that is kept and used and not tucked away in the back of one of the kitchen cabinets, you can either make one yourself, or spruce up and personalize an existing set.

This is a great example of customizing a set; instead of the crabs, you could paint fish on them for a fisherman, golf clubs and golf balls for a golfer, craft items for a crafter, or simply something romantic for a couple.

The options are endless and I don't think you would have many problems coming up with an idea.

Making a unique salt and pepper shaker is another possibility. Wood is an excellent material for doing so and you can pretty much determine and create any shape or form you like. I would recommend sealing the end product with a durable and water resistant finish, so it can be cleaned easily, if need be.

Yes, there are lots of ways to spice up a simple salt and pepper shaker set!

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