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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sea/Beach Glass Art

Let's linger at the beach for a while, because there is a specific form or art which is made from pieces of glass which are found on the beaches and shores of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

We are not talking about shards from a recently broken bottle, but parts of glass which have been tumbled over time by waves, water and sand and have been smoothened, rounded and graded to beautiful, frosty pieces of glass. This glass is classified as sea, or beach glass.

Most of this glass is used for creating all kinds of jewelry and if you are not into the hobby of jewelry making, you may want to use them for creating other gorgeous projects with it, or sell them. Some of these different colors can yield quite a profit.

Before using the sea/beach glass, you may want to clean it in order to get rid of the smell and other impurities. Fill a bucket with warm water and some soap and wash the glass carefully to prevent breakage. Then let it soak for a bit, rinse each piece well and spread them out to air dry.

You can use a soft brush to gently scrub each piece and a soft cloth to dry them with. Some people abstain from washing sea/beach glass, but use sunflower oil to keep and enhance the color of the natural, frosty look.

So, keep your eyes peeled when scouring the beach; even something as simple as a piece of glass can be a diamond in the rough!

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