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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sea/Beach Glass Art - Caution

Apparently, there is genuine and fake sea/beach glass and if you collect, work with, or like to know more about sea/beach glass then you may want to check out the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA), before paying an arm and a leg for artificially tumbled glass.

A good way to tell if it is genuine or artificial is by taking a good look at it; if the pieces show very uniform color, with no variance in the hue from piece to piece, you may be dealing with tumbled craft glass.

When looking at the picture below, you can clearly see the difference; the left is genuine sea/beach glass and the right is artificial. It sure is beneficial to read up on it and get educated, so you can spot the difference and don't end up with a cat in the bag.

If you intend to, or have to depend on buying sea/beach glass for your projects then don't take for granted that every shard that is offered out there is real.

Investigate before you buy and take of your rose-colored glasses, no matter how rare pieces of pink sea/beach glass may be!

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