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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sea/Beach Glass Art II

Sea glass can be found in many colors and are shards of glass from bottles, jars, plates, windows, ceramics and sea pottery. The most common colors are kelly green, brown and clear glass.

Jade, amber, golden amber, lime green, forest green and ice- or soft blue are more rare to come across and you will have a great treasure when you spot green and soft green sea/beach glass, purple, citron, opaque white, cobalt, cornflower blue and aqua.

You have hit the jackpot however when you stumble across gray, pink, teal, black, yellow, turquoise, red and orange. These colors are extremely rare and hard to come by and many of them could be several centuries old.

The best places to find a wide selection of sea/beach glass are the north-east of the United States, California, northwest England, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, Australia, Italy and southern Spain.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't keep your eyes peeled at any other beach in the world; you are likely to find some, especially during spring tides and the low tide after a storm.

It is well worth picking up the pieces!

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