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Arts and Crafts

Friday, June 29, 2012

Cable Tie Art

Over the years I have found out that with the simplest things the most beautiful and intricate art can be created.

Take cable ties for instance; we normally resort to them for securely tying stuff together, but they are also great for all kinds of different art projects.

This bowl is a great example of cable tie art and even though it may look like an extremely difficult project, it is actually rather simple to put together. It all comes down to not being afraid to experiment and finding a pattern that works for you.

You would be astonished seeing the results of creativity coming from artists and crafters who have used these plastic ties. Some of the most incredible projects like dresses, chairs, light fixtures, necklaces, wreaths, and more, are displayed and can be admired on the Internet.

Not all of your projects have to be very detailed and/or complex. A bracelet like in this photo is rather simple and quickly and easily assembled.

It is a great starter project and can also be a good foundation for trying out some different things and see what it leads to.

Even if the project goes sour then nothing much is lost but a little effort and time on your part which is probably more valuable then the costs of a bunch of cable ties; you can already buy a 500 piece packet for $2.76, without any strings, or ties in this case, attached!

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