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Monday, July 02, 2012

Cable Tie Art Materials and Equipment

Nowadays, cable ties come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and they are relatively cheap.

They are easy to purchase as well and should your supply or craft store not carry the colors or size you need or want, then you can find a galore online.

The only problem with the latter is that you will have to pay a few dollars more for shipping and handling, but that may be worth it.

You wouldn't need any other materials or equipment; many works of art can already be fabricated by only using the cable ties, but you can of course incorporate all kinds of other materials.

Some good examples of that are pieces of garden hoses, beads, nuts and bolts, artificial flowers, yarn, or whatever else you can come up with and/or appeals to you.

When a project doesn't turn out as you intended then you can of course throw it in the trash can, but you can also reuse them.

This is not very time consuming and all it would take is a small screwdriver. When you stick it in between the ratchet and the rack, it will release the tight grip it has and allows you to undo the tie.

The only problem you will encounter when reusing cable ties is that they will be weaker than when using new ones. So, when your project would come apart after reusing several cable ties then don't be fit to be tied; you were warned! :-)

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