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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No More Interruptions

I am absolutely positive there are some among you who recognize the following situation: you are in the middle of creating a work of art and all of a sudden your craving for nicotine can no longer be ignored and/or set aside.

Unfortunately, you can't light up a cigarette due to too many flammable materials around you and the risk of seeing your arty project go up in smoke is too high. All you can do is abandon your project and step outside to enjoy a cigarette.

No, that is not all you can do. There is a great solution to this problem which not only will allow you to continue your project, but also will have a great, positive impact on your health and your budget: switching over to the e-cigarette.

The electronic cigarette puts an end to having to carry around lighters, exposing everyone to second hand smoke, prevents you from inhaling dangerous carcinogens and hence putting your health at risk, and is a lot cheaper.

There is no open source which could start a fire, but it does provide the craved nicotine and all the same, other sensations a real tobacco product would, including vapor that looks like smoke.

You can continue your project without interruptions!

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