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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sugar Art

There is nothing more fun then creating something which is edible as well. Okay, I agree; sometimes it is too pretty to eat, like this beautiful rose which is entirely made out of pulled sugar.

There are sculptures, figurines and decorations which are solely made out of pulled, blown, or casted sugar and this art is rapidly becoming very popular.

I classify this as a true art, because the work involved not only requires the artistic ability to mold and sculpt whatever you have in mind, but also because it is intricate and delicate work which has to be done rather quickly as well.

The sugar has to be shaped while it is still warm and pliable, although there are several tricks and tips to heat it up if need be. I will get to that in one of my next posts.

In the meantime, enjoy and admire these gorgeous creations. I would suggest doing a search on sugar art photos; you will be astonished by all the unique projects appearing before your eyes.

It sure gives the phrase: 'to give someone some sugar' a whole new meaning! :-)

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