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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Duct Tape Art

Yes, the title is correct. There is lots of art being made from... Duct tape!

I suppose, we all know already, that duct tape is good for almost anything. I was totally unaware of the fact, that it was being used to create art with. What led up to looking for this type of art, was the video below. I came across it, on one of the media pages and inquiring minds need to know. I was pleasantly surprised.

Besides dresses and suits, lots more fashionable art is created with this colored, sticky tape. Belts, wallets, hats, tote bags and purses, are what I have found so far. This is only one of the many applications of duct tape, for designing and creating art. In my next articles, I will show you some more mind blowing and jaw dropping works. Don't worry, that last is easily fixed with this tape as well. Grin. Even though it may seem to be a rare form of art, it is not. Many people practise it and there are even duct tape art clubs, communities and contests. I am glad, this video caught my attention. I think it is definitely an art, worthy of more publicity. I am glad, this was caught on tape. :-) See also: Duct Tape Art II Duct Tape Art - History, Materials And Supplies

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