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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Duct Tape Art II

Because of the different colors, which Duct Tape comes in, it lends itself very well for collages and other wall art.

I can only imagine, how much patience it must take, to cut and past all this together. Not to mention all the aggravation and frustration, when you got all wrapped up in it.

I am really baffled by so much creativity. It also is another great example of an artistic expression and hobby, which does not have to cost much.

I found several Duct Tape Art Galleries online, where many beautiful creations can be admired. The craftiness and imagination of the artists are beyond belief. Take this life-like parrot for instance. It is only one of the many sculptures, created with this tape.

I have even seen car interiors and furniture, upholstered with Duct Tape.

Hmm, that gives a whole different meaning to 'being glued to the chair', huh?! :-)

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