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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art With Forks

Not that long ago I saw an article in the media about art made entirely out of spoons. I already was aware there were crafters and artists out there who applied silverware for creating some amazing sculptures and projects and it was worth diving a little deeper into that.

I sure am glad I did. The possibilities with just forks are galore. These arty sculptures are just the tip of the iceberg of what all a fork can be used for.

I personally loved the idea of using a fork as a picture holder. The concept is real easy; bend the outer teeth of the fork forward and the middle teeth backwards.

Bend the tips of the outer ones up, so it will hold the picture. Slightly bend the stem of the fork back and you have one unique photo display. My suspicion is that it will work for displaying plates as well.

An even simpler, but equally genius form of creativity is this coat rack. You can bend the fork's teeth anyway you like, just use your imagination.

To fasten them onto the wood, you can either drill a hole in the stem of the fork and use screws or nails, or drill holes in the wood on either side of the fork and attach them with wire.

I would not suggest using glue, because that may not hold heavy coats. And what good is a coat hanger without a place to hang your coat?!

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