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Arts and Crafts

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Case Of Unique Art

One of our daughters has a simple, black iphone case and it has already proven its worth. She accidentally dropped it once, but it was well protected by the cell phone case. It took the hit without any damage.

I am not sure what iPhone our other daughter has in her possession. Whether it is an iPhone 4 or 5, she has neither a rubber nor a plastic case for it. It sure would benefit her to get an iphone 4 case or an iphone 5 case, because she has already broken and had to replace several.

Since her Birthday is coming up and I always am on the look out for cool, arty gifts, I thought a monogram cell phone case might be the route to go. A monogram case is definitely unique and, in her case, money well spent.

There is no doubt in my mind we wouldn't find a stylish design she wouldn't like. The selection concerning a samsung galaxy case or for finding a monogram iphone 5 case is quite extensive. Even if we didn't see anything at present she might like, we better check regularly since the collection is constantly growing.

Another advantage of a monogram iphone case is the fact that a mix-up is out of the question. The case stands out from the crowd, because it is just as characteristic and artistic as its owner!

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