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Arts and Crafts

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nail Art

This may seem a topic more appealing to women then men, but I can imagine both male and female artists would be eager to express their creativity on nails, because the likelihood of more exposure and recognition of their artistic abilities is so much greater then when it would simply be hanging in a gallery.

I find all the nail designs true forms of art, because there is such little space to work with and getting the details in to the designs is such an extremely intricate and delicate project.

I can imagine not everyone has or wants to invest the time and that is why there are so many ready made nails available.

There are really hundreds and hundreds of different designs and should neither one of them appeal to you, then you can always resort to your own source of creativity. There is no lack either concerning the choice of colors of nail polish and a nail art kit is easily purchased as well.

I would not have the patience to do this, but seeing all the different patterns and designs I am glad someone is as tough as nails!

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