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Friday, March 11, 2011

Crayon Art

You can make some wonderful art with crayons and I have seen drawings which are out of this world. However, works of art can be created not only by coloring with crayons, but by using the entire item itself as part of a project.

This picture portraits stained glass and is made by melting the crayons and blending them together.

Melted crayons have many more applications; they can be dripped on paper to create an image or abstract piece of art, or they can be used on glass, tin cans, etc. giving the object an unique look which can later be used for decoration.

Of course you have the option to make art out of the crayon itself. These carvings are a beautiful example and I have seen a single crayon being glued on upright on a piece of wood, after it was carved. That truly was an amazing project and something to keep in mind.

I wasn't aware of it, but there seem to be even iron on crayons which can be used on fabric. That opens up a realm of possibilities, doesn't it? It is worth looking into; some projects may be a little bit more intricate, but others are a child's play!

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