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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cute winter boots for my daughter

Guest post written by Evelyn Smith

When I started looking for a new pair of winter boots for myself during the after-holiday sales, it occurred to me that my daughter could probably use a new pair too with the way that kids grow. But I got even more excited about finding winter boots for her because little girls' shoes are just so adorable!

Sometimes I even wish that I could buy adult versions of the shoes I buy for Zoe and we could wear them together! Anyway, I was looking through pages of all kinds of cute little boots and while I was doing that I came across this website Clearwirelessinternet4g.com and after I looked through it some more I signed up for the internet service for our home.

I found her some sassy kids boots that are black and have leopard print furry trim on them. They're so adorable and she always tells me that she loves my leopard print purse and has one of her own. They still haven't shipped to our house yet but I think that she's going to refuse to take them off.

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