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Monday, March 07, 2011

Crochet Art II

It is not exactly known when crochet came first in to existence, but what is known is that the name is from French origin and literally translated means 'hook'. That should be quite obvious, since crochet is actually pulling yarn through previous loops with a hooked needle.

The earliest records of crochet can be found a 19th century book written by Elizabeth Grant and the first patterns for crochet appeared in a Dutch magazine in 1824.

Crochet has since become a very popular pastime and hobby for many. My grandmother used to crochet valences by the yard and loved making doilies by the dozen.

Even if she used the same pattern over and over again, the latter would always look different, because she used either a thicker or thinner kind of yarn.

Nowadays, you can find patterns for all kinds of different projects and not all pertain to the obvious; how about a unique garment, or a one of a kind necklace? The choice is yours!

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