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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bottle Art

I love this craft. I guess it appeals to my sense of 'exploring'; find out what is inside and with every turn of the bottle discover something new.

These are only 3 inch bottles which I stuffed with left over, artificial flowers and filled them up with water. My experience is that filling up the bottles with fluid works like a magnifier, enhances colors and draws more attention to the items inside.

To prevent leakage or evaporation, I wound florist tape all around the bottle neck and cap. The bows were not really necessary, but helped me getting rid of some left over ribbon. Grin.

This however is nothing compared to all the ingenious creations made from bottles which I found on the Internet.

It would never have crossed my mind to design a chair using bottles. It looks comfy too and I would not be surprised if it had the same effect as a massage chair.

For a major project like this I do recommend the following though:
Pick up empty bottles laying by the side of the road or ask friends and family to save them for you.

That works great on two accounts; you are helping the environment by going green and not having to drink the contents of all those bottles prevents you from seeing green!

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