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Arts and Crafts

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bubble Wrap Art

I can not think of anyone who could resist the challenge of popping the little round air pockets of which bubble wrap consists.

Our grandsons had some really good times with pieces of this packaging material and even after bursting every single bubble, they still had a hard time letting go.

There are many more applications for bubble wrap then just the fun of popping it and the use for wrapping things up; some really cute, unique and creative projects can be crafted with it.

Using bubble wrap as a background for a painting gives depth to it and brings it to life, due to the ever changing reflection of light.

I can already picture several small paintings hanging over a couch, catching the eye and capturing the attention; you will constantly see something new and interesting.

Entire dresses, hats, wigs, small and life-sized animals, creatures and dolls, greeting cards, all kinds of wall art, and much more passed before my eyes, while I was searching for bubble wrap art.

I was quite surprised seeing ties made from bubble wrap. How clever; you never have to worry whether the tie goes with the rest of the outfit or not.

When you have the habit of wearing your food, then getting rid of stains has never been easier; you simply rinse them off!

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