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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hair Art

If you are under the impression that human hair was only used for hair extensions and making wigs, then you are sadly mistaken. It is time to get updated and broaden your horizon by discovering all the works of art many people have been and are creating with their own or other people's locks.

You wouldn't believe what some crafters can do with just a few strands of hair. I have come across pretty much everything; from dresses, jewelry, insect sculptures, shoes, to needle point and much more, all made from human hair and this leaf is just another wonderful example of this art.

It is not a fairly recent hobby; it actually dates back and has been practiced for hundreds of years already, as you will soon find out, but it hasn't lost any of its charm over time. On the contrary; it inspires many to works of art that stun their beholders by their intricacy and beauty.

It certainly is a very cheap hobby for which you don't have to pull your hair out. We naturally loose hair every day and each, single hair can already be used for fine, delicate needle point or crochet work.

Combining several hairs together will give you a thicker thread to work with which can also then be used for knitting projects.

The problem with hair is however how to piece it together to make it long enough for the task at hand. I haven't come across that yet, but my suspicion is that they are either glued together by using the same glue which is applied to hair extensions, or worked into the project.

Either way, it sure is worth giving this hobby a try!

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