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Monday, May 28, 2012

A New Level Of Art

When the first laptops came out I was rather skeptical of their performance and didn't think they would work as well and have the same capabilities as the desktop computers which had slowly but surely found their place in pretty much every workplace and household.

My perception of the laptop has been turned around 180 degrees since I started working with one, many years ago. I was not only pleasantly surprised by the way it performed, but also impressed with how all the same attributes, features, programs, etc., had been compiled in such a small, arty device.

When my first laptop became outdated and didn't have enough capacity anymore to keep up with the fast, constantly evolving Internet, there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever as to what to replace it with. Without any hesitation, the choice and the decision to buy laptop was quickly made.

I have not regretted the purchase of another laptop for one second and am very happy and satisfied with my choice. It has proven its worth on several occasions due to the fact that it can easily be moved from one spot/room to another and takes up less space then a desktop computer. I will definitely buy laptop again when the need arises.

A laptop is also very convenient to bring along when traveling and I actually prefer it over an iPad, since it has a lid which protects the screen from being scratched, cracked, or getting all dirty. That is another good enough reason for me to buy laptop when this one reaches the point of no return.

There are even smaller and lighter versions now and I am constantly astound by the state of the art technology packed in such a small and artfully design. The laptop has taking art to a whole new level!

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