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Friday, May 18, 2012

Nuts And Bolts Art Ideas

After posting my previous article, I thought how silly it was not to include the pictures of this craft which I had come across earlier.

Yeah, hindsight is 20/20, but I most certainly didn't want to withhold these examples from you, since they give you a good idea of all the unlimited possibilities and options these common items can be used for.

I particularly love this bowl. I suppose it is the sleek, modern look that is very appealing to me, but it would fit in with pretty much any interior design.

Made out of new, shiny nuts and bolts, it goes well with a modern interior, while the rustier, old, used ones add atmosphere and character to a more traditional design.

Whether it is a large bowl for fruit, or a smaller one for candy, nuts, or all kinds of other trinkets, you can be assured it will be the topic of many conversations.

As far as wall art goes, you have several options as well. You can either glue a selection of nuts and bolts on a piece of plywood and frame it, or take a picture of an assortment of these materials.

When opting for the latter, consider using a color filter; that way you can coordinate the picture with the overall color scheme of a room which makes it easier to incorporate in the room's style and interior design.

Options galore, but a warning is in place: once you try this art, you will be nuts about it!

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