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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make-Up Art Materials and Equipment

It does require some materials to engage in this art; you will need several shades of make-up of which eye-shadow, blush, and eye-liner/kohl pencils are the basics.

Besides those, several different sizes of brushes are needed. The brushes come in all kinds of width and can easily be obtained at almost any drugstore and other retailers where make-up is sold.

Another important thing you need is a steady hand and some idea of what you want to accomplish and how. You shouldn't have any problems finding some great examples and instructions online and there are also plenty of books on make-up and make-up art available at bookstores and on the Internet.

There is no lack of face paint kits either, although many of them may be limited to one or just a few options of what you can do with them and that could mean that the color palette is limited.

Don't let that hold you back; face paint is readily available online and if you rather stick to the traditional make-up then it may be a good idea to buy a super-sized eye-shadow kit; those are often offered cheap and expand the possibilities exponentially.

From here on out it is up to you what else you like to use; feathers, paisleys, beads, crystals, whiskers. You will need some adhesive keeping those in place and the best products for doing so are Elmer's Glue, eye-lash glue, or spirit gum.

The first two are simple and easy to remove; Elmer's Glue peels off when dry and eye-lash glue can be removed with make-up remover. Spirit gum on the other hand is used by many professionals, but you have to ensure to buy the remover as well and read the instructions carefully.

You don't want to end up being stuck with it!

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