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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ice Cream Stick Art

The sweltering heat is not letting up and we don't go outside unless we really have to. Yeah, the power companies are really happy and even though our house stays nice and cool, the relief from the heat shifts from the inside of our home to the inside of our wallets.

There are several other ways we try to stay cool; consume cold drinks, stay in the shade and eat ice cream. The latter is not only delicious, but also great for stocking up on hobby and craft supplies, because ice cream or pop sickle sticks are excellent materials for creating all kinds of fun and useful, or whimsical art projects.

I have seen enormous castles and other sculptures from ice cream sticks, but a small sculpture like this little house is just as cute.

Even though it is a very cheap sounding hobby, bowls, lamps, musical instruments and anything else fabricated with it, ends up looking amazing and far from inexpensive!

Since the sticks are made from plain, untreated wood, they are easily glued, painted or stained, which gives an even more astonishing result to your project.

Double the fun for the children: give them a pop sickle and once they are done, let them get arty with the left over stick!

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