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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Towel Rack Craft Ideas

It is odd how it often slips my mind to look for arty DIY-ideas when I am in need of something as simple as a towel rack. I suppose it just doesn't occur to me that people would make those themselves, but they do and the results are often stunningly unique and simple.

After already having bought one I thought I would see, just for the fun of it, if there were some home-made towel rack suggestions floating around on the Internet.

I honestly didn't expect to come across anything spectacular and although the majority of what I laid my eyes on fell into that category, there were several easy but brilliant and jaw-dropping solutions available.

It would never have dawned on me to use the back of a chair as a towel rack. The concept is so simple and hardly costs anything.

You just cut off the back of the chair, turn it upside down and attach a few boards to make a shelf. The boards are being cut out off the seat of the chair.

There is a little elbow grease involved in the previous design, but if you don't want to invest much time and energy then this towel rack made out of rolling pins is another option.

It can hardly get any easier then that and I don't know about you, but I sure learned my lesson.

It pays off to look on the web for creative, one of a kind and amazing options and solutions to pretty much anything!

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