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Monday, May 28, 2012

Airigami - Balloon Art

This is not your average type of balloon art; airigami is balloon art in its ultimate form and is also referred to as 'the art of folding air' into intricate, detailed and often large balloon sculptures.

This type of balloon art actually combines several different forms of art such as sculpting, puppetry and origami into one, resulting in stunning and unbelievably but amazing creations.

I found that the most famous artists are considered to be Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle who have been practicing airigami for over a decade now, but there are many others who also know their way around where this fine, delicate art is concerned and I came across cars, dinosaurs, furniture, apparel, still lifes, and many more creative expressions of the imagination entirely made out of balloons.

In case you wonder how some of the balloons are able to stick to the other then wonder no more; double sided adhesive does the trick. Keep in mind though that the projects don't often last very long. A lifespan of around a week can be expected and sometimes that can be prolonged by using a rubber protective spray such as you would use on your car tires.

I would suggest starting out small, until you get the hang of it and know what all you can and can not do. It is imperative to twist the balloons into shape and not let them bend you out of shape!

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