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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Famous Artists

In case you haven't noticed it yet; to make it to the top in the art world you really have to be a little eccentric. Most famous artists were thinking outside the box and even though that may not always have been appreciated by the audience of their time, future generations were more then willing to pay big bucks for their creations.

Some great examples are Vincent van Gogh who had a specific painting technique and Rembrandt and Picasso whose style of painting fell outside the realm of what was acceptable and preferable. I have no doubt you can come up with many other artists who pushed and went beyond the common laws of art.

Just because someone doesn't adhere to the normal standards doesn't necessarily mean they are strange; they simply have different ideas and values. Take Yours Truly for instance; I am one of the few who doesn't own a mobile phone and if I did I would choose one of those T-Mobile prepaid cell phone plans.

Nowadays, everyone expects you to carry a mobile communication device, so you can be reached at any given time. I probably am one of those eccentrics who would only use a cell phone in case of emergencies and since those are few and far between, the T-Mobile prepaid cell phone plans would suit me to a tee.

I agree; I should get a cell phone, even if it was just for those situations and I wouldn't hesitate if everyone would only call when needed, instead of when wanted. I know for a fact that by limiting their calls, some of my loved ones could save a lot of money with those T-Mobile prepaid cell phone plans.

You can call me eccentric if you like, but I see it as a difference in opinions, ideas and values. That is probably why I never will be famous! Grin.

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