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Saturday, December 19, 2009

CD Art

I can not imagine that you would not have at least one old, unused or scratchy CD. Maybe you have stacks of them in which case I envy you; they can be turned in great art objects.

With a little imagination and creativity these shiny, round CDs can for instance become a candle holder as in the picture. Personally, I use them to glue small figurines on them and make a cute scene. With felt glued on the printed side of the CD, you can put them out anywhere.

I also use them as wall decoration; by gluing a hanger on the back or drilling a small hole in the CD, it only takes a nail to hang it. I glue felt on the back to cover the printed side and cover the middle on the front with colored paper. It only takes a few artificial flowers glued on it to create a one of a kind, cute gift idea or wall decoration.

Cutting out a photograph in a circle and gluing it on the disk is a unique way of displaying your loved ones. Several disks can be joined together by gluing the sides on top of each other to create a larger work of art. I found that double sided adhesive tape makes the strongest bond holding them together.

The easiest way to adhere felt, cork, paper or other fabrics on to the back is to cover the back of the CD with craft glue, press it on a piece of material and cut around the edges of the disk after it dried. Don't forget to drill a hole or attach the hangers before you do this.

There are many, many more applications for crafting with CDs and I will share those with you in my next post. I certainly hope that is music to your ears! :-)

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