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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tea Wrapper Art

This craft actually found its origin in the Netherlands by Tiny van der Plas. She created this new art quite by accident as she sat sipping tea while thinking of how to create a unique birthday card.

It is done by using the colorful wrappers of tea bags. By folding the wrappers dimensionally and pieced, or locked together, some wonderful art is created.

I have done this myself and loved it. I made all kinds of cards; Birthday cards for him, her and children, anniversary and wedding cards, Christmas cards, you name it and I made them. Altogether I probably made around a thousand or so.

It is a craft and art which is never boring; all the different colors and patterns of the tea wrappers constantly make for a unique look and the many different ways of folding them creates all kinds of shapes and forms.

You ought to try it. With every piece you fold, gorgeous art unfolds before your eyes.

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