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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Altered Jar Art

Aside from fruit and ships in a bottle or jar, there are many more applications for them. Here is one example; I used some small seeds and silk flowers and filled it up with vegetable oil to give it a more aged look. Vinegar or even regular tap water will do just as fine.

Since there is usually text on the lid, I wrap it in florist tape and a bow around the jar gives it that little extra. In this case I glued a few flowers on the lid, but that is not always necessary. It may even be overkill at times.

I used small baby food jars and created little scenes in them. Yeah, silly me; I forgot to take pictures of them before giving them to our grandchildren. I searched the Internet and these are the ones that come closest to what I had crafted.

The figurines I used were a small bear and an Easter Bunny. A tiny stick got covered with artificial flowers and turned out to look like a Crape Myrtle tree. No need to fill it up with fluids; it is cute all by itself and the kids loved them.

Ornaments like these are what I used and they come in all kinds of different subjects. Cut off the hanger and they are ready to be incorporated in your project. Hot glue works best, but be sure you know exactly where to position them beforehand because once in place it is hard to get them out.

After you are done, my advice would be dropping some dots of glue on the inside of the rim of the lid. This will prevent little hands from opening the jar and being able to get to the small items. Safety first!

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