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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bamboo Art

Bamboo is not just a pretty and fast growing, decorative plant for sprucing up spaces next to water, but it is extremely versatile when it comes to using it for art and every day items.

Baskets, blinds, flooring, flutes, trays, and mats, are just a few examples of what all bamboo can be used for and that does not include all the artistic projects for which this material is extremely suitable too.

One of the creative projects I came across were these bamboo carvings which function as incense burners. They are also adorned with dark areas which are a result of burning and/or scorching the material; another option for fabricating other fantastic projects out of bamboo.

The durability, pliability, water resistance, and the ease to work with, coupled with the inexpensiveness of bamboo, make this hobby accessible to anyone.

Should you live next to a pond, creek, or have a cascade in your yard, then it is very simple to grow bamboo. It would provide you with a never ending supply of craft material!

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