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Monday, May 02, 2011

Needle Point Art - Materials and Equipment

The yarn for this art comes in every color you can possibly imagine and the needles are not hard to find either. The latter come in different sizes as well and depending on what you like to work with, the eyes of the needles vary from small to large.

In case you haven't noticed; the needles are rather blunt. This is mainly to prevent the cloth from tearing up, sticking easier through the designated part of the fabric and to protect you from constantly pricking your fingers.

If you have the space and also rather like to keep your fabric stretched while working on your project, you may enjoy using a needle point table. I found plenty of those offered online, but I am sure you can find those in craft stores as well.

As far as patterns go, there is no lack of those; you can find plenty on the Internet for free, there are books with patterns and/or instruction on this art galore and you can even buy needle art software to install on your PC.

There are many uses for this hobby. Have you ever considered sending an embroidered greeting card? It is done quickly and success is guaranteed! :-)

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