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Monday, September 20, 2010

Macaroni Art

Macaroni is a great product for lots of different craft projects; dyed with food coloring, it can be used for all kinds of wall art and jewelry. I was surprised not to find any boxes where macaroni was glued onto, giving it some special appearance, but it is certainly something to keep in mind. :-)

Macaroni and cheese is a very well known and tasty dish. It is an old one too, because macaroni and cheese casseroles are already recorded in one of the oldest, medieval cookbooks 'Liber de Coquina' (the book of cooking/cookery) which stems from the beginning of the 14th century.

A similar cheese and noodle casserole, called Makerouns, can also be found in a 14th century English cookbook. At those times, these dishes were consumed by the upper classes and that is how it remained for a long time. Thomas Jefferson is attributed with making mac and cheese popular in the United States, after he had it served during a dinner in 1802, at the White House.

What I did find was this gorgeous looking Christmas ornament. Even with the pasta's original color it ads something special, but if you like to stay in style you can always dye, paint, or spray paint it.

The pasta can easily be glued together with craft glue. This will take a while to dry, but if you are rather impatient you can resort to a glue gun and glue sticks as well. That will go much quicker and keeps you from getting cheesed off!

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